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Team Tony: I have the good fortune of being surrounded by a group of enthusiastic, talented and slightly nutty young PhD students and sometimes slightly riper postdocs.

PhD students

  • Giulio Antonio Abbo (Universiteit Gent) *
  • Matthijs Biondina (Universiteit Gent)
  • Aduén Darriba Frederiks (Universiteit Gent)
  • Ruben Janssens (Universiteit Gent) *
  • Nazerke Kalidolda (Nazarbayev University, Kazachstan)
  • Oksana Hagen (University of Plymouth)
  • Qiaoqiao Ren (Universiteit Gent) *
  • Maria Jose Pinto Bernal (Universiteit Gent) *
  • Pieter Wolfert (Universiteit Gent) *

* As promotor (Ghent University) or Director of Studies (University of Plymouth), otherwise as co-promotor, second supervisor or external advisor.

Former postdocs

Former PhD students

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